The Marian Gray Thomas Annual Memorial Rally & Service 

Is held  the 4th Sunday in May of each year at Bethlehem Baptist Church, 206 Cartersville Road, Cumberland, VA  23040

       at 3:00pm  with dinner served following the service.

 Honoring the deceased and their families that we served the previous  year.

        This year, we will be honoring all of our beloved that departed in 2020.  

                                                                                                     They are:

Olander Chester Woodson               Elvin Gray                                          David Thomas Hubbard                   Doreatha Miller Jackson

Bennie Roosevelt Wade                  Dorothy Pearl Sims                            Melvin Wilson Hampton                 Evalena Fox

Mae Rosa Hall                                    Lucy Malinda Barley                          Craig Edward Hughes                     Nellie Mae Williams

Evan Grashaun Woodson               Jessie Junius Trent                             Robert W. Robertson                      Georgette Stewart

Cynthia Colleen Allen                      Jean Shirley Redmond Harris          Richard Lee Spencer                       Florence Harper

Julia A. Carson                                    James Bernard Mayo, Sr.                  Kathleen Ethel Crump                  Thomas Junius  Johnson

John Wesley Edmonds                     Porter Smith                                        William Earl Patrick                        Emma Gene Thomas

Marjorie K. Keyes                                Ida Mae Jones                                    Vernon Langhorne                         Adrienne Nicole Berry

​James Randolph Miles                      Elton Augustus Morris                      Dorothy Loveline Foster                Ernest Boatwright

​Dorthy Ann Pearl Smith                    Billy Randolph Hobson                     Priscilla McEachin Hatcher           Ernest Francell Jackson

Jean Omega Wheat                          Rochelle R. Bailey                             Lindsey Scott                                   Evelyn Celestine Bell

Carroll Alexander Palmore               Waverly Trueheart Taylor                King Moses Gray                             Clarence Odell Gee

Henry Adolph Gilliam                        Pearline Augusta Taylor                  Barbara Vera Mayo                          Warren J. Booker

Emma Maudelle Brooks                   Rosa Bradley Finney                        Tina Renee Hottinger                       Ronnie Brown

Bertha Baker                                        Lottie Davenport                              Dwayne Booker                               Mary Lou Jones

Elizah Norman Wade                         Corine Jones Washington              Christopher Eric Logan, Sr.      

                                                                              All Are Welcome!!